Learn from our best

Lessons are a great introduction to the sports of skiing and snowboarding, as well as a great opportunity to work on specific techniques, on your journey to becoming a more competent rider.

We have qualified instructors to meet your skill and experience level, in all lesson settings.

Our instructors know, through many years of training, how to teach you to ski or snowboard, and how to support you in perfecting your skills. They are great riders themselves, but more importantly, they are great teachers and know all the tips and tricks to bring out the best in you.

Which type of lesson is right for you?

Group or private lessons?
Factors such as your age and on snow experience, your personality, the time and duration of lessons, as well as your budget, will influence your decision to sign up to one of our group or private lessons.

Group lessons are a lot of fun, and an opportunity to learn alongside others. Private lessons are individually tailored to you and you only.

Group lessons

Group lessons are a great way to meet other people, and together progress your ski or snowboard skills, while also having a lot of fun.

Our group lessons cater to up to 10 riders of a similar ability. Group lessons are more affordable, and tend to benefit kids, where they can follow and learn from each other, in a fun and energetic group dynamic.

Our group lessons are 1hr 50min in duration, split by age and level, from first time through to intermediate.

Private lessons

Private lessons are just that – one on one instruction, where you have your instructor's undivided attention.

Private lessons offer a greater level of flexibility and individual attention beyond what a group lesson can, meaning you can often progress more quickly.

If you already know the basics or are an advanced skier or snowboarder wanting to work on specific techniques, a private lesson is a good option for you.
Our private lessons vary from 1, 2, 4 to 6 hours long, and are available at all levels.