Our unique operations

The climatic effects of being located atop the North Island’s highest peak – never mind, an active volcano – adds a sense of drama to our landscape, but also magic to our operation.

Mt Ruapehu is entirely exposed to the elements - moisture-laden air and a maritime climate. Our team traverse rugged and exposed terrain, to prepare and protect our facilities from the elements, including at times, extreme wind, ice, precipitation, and temperatures. It is as gnarly as it sounds, but if you ask our team, also a whole lot of fun, and extremely rewarding.


Ice is a major contender at any ski area, but at Mt Ruapehu, it is a particular type of ice – rime ice – that forms so readily and rapidly, having a significant impact on operations.

Mt Ruapehu attracts the most rime ice of any ski area in the world, and if left without attention, can encase whole structures, damaging them in the process. Mt Ruapehu has dedicated de-icing teams both sides of the maunga, responsible for not only protecting facilities from rime ice build-up in storm (safely, but in high winds and low visibility) but also each day ahead of facilities opening, and sometimes throughout the day, as the ice reforms.

Avalanche control

Epic, naturally formed, free ride terrain, and significant snowfall, does inevitably equate to a heightened avalanche risk. By nature of its formation, Mt Ruapehu has many avalanche paths that can threaten the ski areas from above.

Our team of highly qualified, trained professionals manage this risk every day via their avalanche risk management programme. While they can never eliminate risk entirely, their goal is to provide access to as much terrain as is safely possible, in a timely manner, given the conditions.
This involves a lot of measuring, and reducing risk by deliberately and safely activating avalanches, through active control measures such as explosives.

Preventative maintenance

Public safety and proper asset management is on the forefront of our mind.

Our teams carry out year-round maintenance to ensure we get the most out of our lifts when it counts. Our environment is harsh on equipment ice tends to deform steel structures and disturb electrical systems. While the volcanic dust gets into mechanical components causing accelerated wear and tear and is highly corrosive on towers and structures.